Lexus Transmission Repair and Maintenance in Evansville, IN

Your transmission is an essential component of your Lexus vehicle. A well-maintained transmission can ensure that your vehicle will run smoothly for years to come. The following Lexus transmission repair and maintenance tips can keep your Lexus vehicle from experiencing transmission-related problems.

When Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

A transmission service is equally as important as changing your vehicle’s oil. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may be required to change your vehicle’s transmission fluid every 30,000 or 100,000 miles. Your vehicle’s manual is the best resource to consult to determine its maintenance schedule. Once you’ve determined the suggested schedule for your vehicle, the mechanics at our dealership can complete the service for you.

What Is the Purpose of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates the interior of your vehicle’s transmission. When the fluid is fresh, it enables your vehicle to easily transmit power through the transmission. This slippery liquid acts as a coolant for your vehicle’s transmission. If your transmission fluid is low or old, it can destroy your transmission. This can lead to costly repair or replacement services. For that reason, it’s best to monitor your vehicle’s transmission fluid.

Should I Hire a Professional Mechanic to Change My Transmission Fluid?

Transmission services are best handled by professional mechanics that are certified to maintain and repair your vehicle. Certified auto mechanics know the proper techniques that are used to service your vehicle’s transmission. Another benefit of hiring professional mechanics is they can check for transmission fluid leaks and faulty parts. Unless you’re a certified mechanic with the right machinery to repair or maintain transmissions, you should leave this service to professional and certified mechanics. At Kenny Kent Lexus, our dealership hires certified mechanics that can perform maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling our service center.

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