Used SUVs for Sale in Evansville, IN

Welcome to our premier pre-owned SUV virtual showroom. Here, we publish new details from our live database of pre-owned inventory as it changes. There are a variety of ways to shop for the latest pre-owned models. You can bookmark this page and check back frequently, contact our customer care team to request notifications when we receive particular models or stop by our dealership to test drive any of our current models.

Should I Buy a Used SUV at Kenny Kent Lexus?

There is a myriad of reasons to step into that pre-owned SUV for a test drive before you take out the latest models for comparison. When you consider how irrational the depreciation really is on brand-new autos, there is little reason in the world to choose anything other than a pre-owned vehicle. Unless you have your heart set on the latest features and models, a pre-owned SUV is often times equal to the new model with a steep discount. This is true because preventative maintenance can sustain your investment in a pre-owned SUV further than someone who purchases a brand-new SUV and lapses after the warranty expires.

Buying a pre-owned SUV turns the tables on depreciation. Many people who purchase luxury autos are less concerned about the price and only purchase new. This creates a huge incentive for frugal shoppers to gobble up the savings. The most active luxury auto shoppers want only the best and the most iron-clad guarantee. They simply don’t have time to deal with the repairs that a used SUV may require.

Quality SUVs Available Near Me

Our technicians carry out exhaustive comprehensive inspections that virtually eliminate all doubt regarding the long-term value and fitness of a vehicle. We start the selection process by starting with SUV’s that we feel were well-maintained based on owner-history and maintenance. Leased vehicles are typically maintained to exceptional standards by owners who are trying to dodge contractual penalties.

Many of the pre-owned models that we stock are trade-ins, or leased vehicles that have completed a contract and are now up for sale. The only noticeable distinction between these SUVs and the brand-new models on our lots maybe the mileage. Take a look today, or come in for a test drive at Kenny Kent Lexus, today!

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