30 Years In: Why Lexus is a Top Luxury Brand

September 17th, 2019 by

From the LS 400 to Today

In 1989, Lexus entered the luxury market by introducing its fabulous LS 400 model. It was crafted with love by an automaker who wanted to make a first impression last. There’s not a person on earth that would argue Lexus hasn’t accomplished its mission of becoming the world’s premier luxury brand. Lexus doesn’t just produce luxury cars. They’re entering the luxury yacht market here soon as well and using computer technology to help their customers have a more luxurious dining experience as well, along with all their other forays into the world of luxury. If it’s luxury, Lexus is there.

Why Lexus Became the Premier Luxury Brand

Why has Lexus been so successful over these last three decades? One does not look any further than that first LS 400 model to understand that they had a blueprint for luxury that couldn’t fail. They’ve won numerous awards from J.D. Power publications for a few good reasons. We’re here to label just a few of those thousands of reasons that Lexus continues to set the standard for what luxury should be.

  • A philosophy of luxury that no other brand possesses or even understands
  • The willingness to stretch outside the automotive world and provide luxury in other areas as well
  • Open-mindedness to connected technologies that enhance the luxury experience
  • A luxury car design philosophy that sets standards and then breaks them wide open
  • Lexus simply builds the best luxury vehicles in the world, hands down

If it sounds like Lexus has had a busy 30 years, it’s because they have. They continue to use new computer application inspired technologies to connect their luxury customers to new personalized experiences that remain memorable over the years. Luxury isn’t just about making life easier. It’s about making life better, and that’s why Lexus is setting the bar today and in the world to come.

Ask For More Information

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