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Do I Have to Service my Lexus at the Dealership I Bought it from?

Although Evansville offers several options when it comes to getting your Lexus serviced, if you bought your vehicle from us then we recommend servicing it with us as well. Since we sold it we’ll already be familiar with the vehicle and have records that could assist in the process.

At Kenny Kent Lexus, all our technicians are certified and hold a high degree of knowledge of Lexus vehicles, so you’ll be able to trust your auto needs are in good hands with us. There may be risks when leaving it with someone who may not be qualified. If auto work is done incorrectly it could result in the loss of more time, money, or even threaten the safety of you and your passengers. Let our team get it right thoroughly the first time.

What if I Have a Vehicle that’s not a Lexus?

Our team here at Kenny Kent Lexus carries a wealth of automotive experience, so even if your vehicle is not a Lexus, we have you covered. Since we sell pre-owned vehicles of all makes, our loyal customers choose to bring those models to us for service as needed. Along with continuous training, this keeps our skills sharp across various brands.

We’d love to have you as a lifetime customer. From sales to service, Kenny Kent Lexus will handle your automotive needs. When your vehicle is due for a checkup, we’ll be here for you in Evansville!