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Used Cars Under $15,000 in Evansville, IN

An essential part of the used car buying process is finding a quality car that is safe and free of mechanical issues. If you add to that process that you want a used car for under $15,000, usually your options are limited. However, with the inventory at Kenny Kent Lexus, you’re going to find the complete opposite. With a comprehensive approach towards assessing a high volume of inventory received on a daily basis, we’re able to isolate the cars that do meet the criteria of high standards. Our inventory consists of only vehicles that pass a thorough inspection, which is solely based on satisfying our customers and meeting their expectations.

Why Should I Buy a Used Car?

One of the primary benefits of buying a used car is the monthly payment. When you choose a used car, you have the advantage of staying within a specific budget. A used car has a much lower purchase price and gives you a lot more flexibility in reaching the desired payment, especially if you’re also trading in another vehicle. With a trade-in, you can reduce the agreed-upon price of the car and significantly lower your monthly payment even more. With a purchase price that is under $15,000, along with a reasonable down payment and a valuable trade-in, you can have a monthly installment that is far below your budget. That is much harder to do with a brand new car that is at double the price!

While a lower monthly payment is excellent, there is also the flexibility that comes with having a choice. With a used car purchase, you’re in a fantastic position to find a car that you will love, as opposed to settling on just what you can afford because there are so many great choices available with different makes and models, you’re able to expand your options. Many times buyers choose a vehicle they would not be able to purchase if it were brand new. In fact, some buyers are even strategic in this approach and specifically acquire a used car, rather than a new one, to get the car they like without the expensive price tag. With a used car, you also don’t have to be concerned with a depreciation value as you do with a new car, which is an enormous benefit!

Are Used Cars Reliable?

A used car will also provide a few assurances, such as knowing that the vehicle has been driven enough to determine any factory deficiencies. By the time a car makes it to a used car inventory, there is a low probability of any factory recalls or manufacturer issues still existing. However, even as the new owner, you still have access to that information. A used car is also an excellent option for a second or third vehicle, especially if it’s primarily going to be used for commuting to work.

Kenny Kent Lexus is a premier dealership that is held in high regard by many customers in the tri-state area. It would be our privilege to show you our ever-changing inventory of quality used cars and provide a test drive of any vehicle of your choice. Please stop by soon and meet our incredible staff.

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