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Ten years ago, Lexus was the first automaker to introduce a luxury electric car to the market. Lexus launched the RX 400h with the industry’s first electric powertrain that consisted of an electric motor and gasoline engine. Today, the company offers even more electric vehicles to provide you with a diverse selection of cars and better fuel efficiency. No matter what kind of car you’re envisioning in your electric vehicle from Lexus, we invite you to explore the fine options available at our dealership.

Which Lexus models are available in electric?

Today, Lexus makes six electric cars:

  • UX
  • NX
  • RX
  • ES
  • LC
  • LS

The UX is a sporty and agile SUV featuring leading fuel economy among luxury hybrid cars. The NX has an equally fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain and fast acceleration. The RX seats up to six people. It has a luxurious cabin and a striking exterior design. With the ES, you can look forward to a luxury electric sedan with several conveniences, a polished exterior, and up to 44 MPG combined. The LC is a coupe with a sporty two-door build and a powerful V6 hybrid powertrain under its hood. The LS uses an electric motor and battery to provide top speed.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

Electric and hybrid cars differ in their powertrain and performance characteristics. Electric Lexus vehicles operate only using electricity. Hybrid and hybrid plug-in Lexus cars have a gasoline engine, a battery for extra power, and an electric motor. Hybrid Lexus models use their gasoline engine and electric motor for maximum power, while hybrid plug-in models use their electric motors as their primary power source. They switch to gasoline if required.

How far can Lexus electric models go?

The range for Lexus’s line of hybrid models depends on the car. The RX gets about 33 miles of range, while the ES gets up to 43 miles of combined range. The UX is close behind with a range of 41 miles.

How long does it take to charge an electric Lexus car?

Charging time for your Lexus depends on the charging port that you use. A 120V power outlet charges the car in about 10 hours. With a 240V power outlet, your Lexus hybrid can fully charge in about four or five hours.

Do Lexus electric vehicles have towing capacity?

The RX hybrid can tow between 3,500 and 4,500 pounds depending on the trim and engine you get.

How can I learn more about Lexus electric vehicles?

You can find out more about Lexus’s line of electric cars by contacting our dealership today.