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Lexus realizes that in this modern age, people are able to make use of connectivity-tech to remain safer on the road than ever before. Whether it’s tracking down a stolen vehicle or reaching out for emergency roadside assistance, Lexus wants its owners to feel safe and sound while they travel anywhere in the world. Lexus answer to this was Enform, a crew of 7 protective services that make driving more convenient than ever before. It’s a constant link not just to your Lexus vehicle but also to emergency services that people might need at any one time or another.


When you first buy a Lexus Enform enabled vehicle, you’ll have access to all 7 features of Lexus Enform. Which ones work for you? Which ones don’t? Once you’ve had a free trial period, you’ll be able to see more clearly which Enform services fit in with your lifestyle. There’s plenty to choose from among this impressive suite of convenience features.

SafetyConnect gives you 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for any emergency on the road

SafetyConnect has your GPS position at all times, so no matter how severe the emergency is or what your ability to communicate, there’s a service that can come to the rescue

A Stolen Vehicle Locator makes sure that thieves won’t ever win when they steal a Lexus model enabled with this feature

Enhanced Roadside Assistance: Out of gas? Another “minor” emergency? No problem! You’re always connected with Enform

Automatic Collision Notification is equipped to know when your airbags deploy so that you can immediately be connected to SafetyConnect

Each one of these services is only the tip of the iceberg, and obviously, we don’t have time here to go into all of the features available, but let’s just say that Enform features were designed to make sure that you’re never out there all alone on the road with no assistance whatsoever. Enform is also equipped with powerful security measures, such as Stolen Vehicle Locator, so that you always know where your beloved Lexus model is at any given time. Other features like ServiceConnect, part of the Enform platform, maintains meticulous records of your vehicle’s health and maintenance record so that you always know when it’s time to get an oil change or have those struts looked at as the vehicle ages. It’s designed to know everything about every system on your vehicle so that you know when you need service and when you don’t. That’s especially handy in a world where service can be subjective, and sometimes you can afford service and sometimes you can afford to let it wait a bit.

Enform is a massively helpful and advanced system for your Lexus that puts you in touch with some of today’s most advanced safety, roadside assistance, and theft prevention features. And it’s all thrown in together under the umbrella of Enform, something that no Lexus owner will want to live without once they have a free trial and see how majorly helpful it is to drivers on the road today. If you’d like more information about Enform, please CONTACT OUR DEALERSHIP today! We will answer all your questions and show you why Enform is a must-have system.

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