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For many hackers, cars are now their target when they want to steal valuable items or vehicles due to the advanced technology that is now integrated into newer models. Many drivers don’t realize how susceptible they are to having their car hacked until it’s too late. If you want to reduce the risk of having your data or vehicle stolen, there are a few important tips to follow to make your car a hacking-free zone.

It can be easy to forget to upgrade your software periodically when you’re on the run, but failing to do so can make your vehicle susceptible to attacks. You can contact the manufacturer to determine if new updates are available if you’re unsure of your current version. The dealership can update the software for you if you schedule an appointment. You also want to avoid making any modifications to the software, which can compromise how secure it is and can make it vulnerable to attackers.

Many people leave their keyless fob device by the front door or in their purse, which can make it easy to hack. The signal can be amplified by thieves and can make the car think that you’re nearby, which can cause it to become unlocked and for the engine to start. Consider placing it in a refrigerator or a faraday bag to ensure that the signal is blocked when it’s not in use, which will protect your vehicle each day.

It’s also necessary to avoid using your remote keyless system to lock your doors, which can allow intruders to unlock your car with a hacking device and steal your personal belongings. The device is still safe to use when unlocking the car because you’ll be driving away from the location.

Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the most advanced features to come standard in the latest models in the auto industry, which allow the driver to stay connected to the Internet while on the go. Unfortunately, the new technology is another way for thefts to access your data and information. Make it a point to turn off the Wi-Fi when it’s not in use to prevent intruders from taking control of certain parts of your vehicle. You’ll protect your vehicle’s controller network and data by only leaving it on when it’s needed.

You also need to protect your vehicle’s Wi-Fi password and avoid storing it inside of the car where it can be accessed by intruders. Store the password inside of your home or on your mobile device to ensure that it’s not easy to access.

Remain cautious of any USB drives that you receive in the mail and check with your manufacturer in advance to protect yourself. All USB drives should be scanned before they’re plugged into your car to avoid scams. Infected USB drives may contain malicious codes that can compromise your vehicle and allow criminals to gain control of the vehicle. Many different anti-virus software programs are available to scan different USB drives to ensure that they’re safe to use.

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