Car Sounds and What the Issue Could Be

2020 Lexus IS

Car sounds may cause worry and alarm. And sometimes, that’s for a good reason. There are many sounds associated with car problems. But how do you know which ones to watch out for, and which ones mean it’s time to call the mechanic? From the brakes to the transmission, here are some common car sounds that suggest it’s time to contact a professional for assistance.

Squeaky Brakes

The brakes on your car will often start squeaking when a component in the braking system begins to wear out. Loose brake parts can also cause the sound. The brake pads usually start making squeaking sounds when the protective braking material wears off. The metal wear indicator can also become exposed on the brake pads, which produces the squeaking sound. The brakes usually need a mechanic’s attention to fix before the issue becomes worse.

Engine Rattling

A rattling engine is another concerning noise. Engines can start rattling when there is a premature ignition in the engine cylinder. This happens due to a mixture of air and fuel in the engine cylinder. The combination of air and fuel causes excess heat from compression, which causes an ignition as the piston moves upwards on the compression stroke. The result is an unpleasant rattling noise that will worsen and cause more engine damage if left unchecked.

Engine Clicking

One possible cause of the clicking sound is a reciprocating component. Reciprocating components can include valves, pistons, and pushrods. They can get damaged or worn out for many reasons, causing clicking sounds. Low oil levels can create a ticking noise as well. Overheating is another indication that the engine’s problems are coming from low oil levels. A clicking sound can also mean that there are worn out seals and gaskets in the engine.

Knocking From Under the Hood

Knocking sounds from under the hood often signal potentially serious problems with the crankshaft or the transmission. Both issues should be addressed by a professional technician before they cause major mechanical damage.

Engine Squealing

Several problems might cause a squealing engine. The roller bearings can go bad on several components in the engine accessories, including the idler bearing or the water pump. The serpentine belt will also need to be checked for excessive wear, misalignment or improper tension.

Whenever your car starts making alarming noises, contact our service center in Evansville for service and repairs.