Why Is My Car Shaking?

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If you notice that your automobile is shaking and don’t know why this article may help. It lists some common reasons cars may shake. Thus, of the several causes, some can be dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that you take your vehicle in to be checked by a certified auto mechanic right away if the shaking continues. You can also contact our dealership to schedule an auto checkup. We can find out what the problem is and perform the repairs, and we also do regular maintenance to keep your car running in top shape.


If your vehicle is shaking because there are issues with the engine, such as faulty spark plugs, then the spark plugs will need to either be replaced or changed. For several engine types, spark plugs only last around 80,000 miles to 100,000 before they need to be replaced. Also, if the engine’s air filters are contaminated or clogged, the engine will be cut off from getting the oxygen it requires to perform at its best.


If your car’s brake pads are worn out and are what’s causing the shaking, avoid driving the vehicle until it has been repaired and the brake pads replaced. Because the heaviest burden falls on the front brakes, they will most likely run out before the rear brake pads do. Most brake pads typically last about 50,000 miles, but depending on how your car is driven and the type of car you have, your brakes can need replacing sooner. To find out all the details about replacing the brake pads on your vehicle, check the owner’s manual. We have very knowledgeable technicians at our dealership who can help replace the brake pads on your car and provide routine services.


There are some problems with the wheels that would make your car wobble. If the steering wheel feels shaky and driving, then the components in the vehicle’s wheels may be the problem. This could mean faulty wheel bearings, tie rods, or ball joints. You should bring your car in right away so our auto technicians can repair it for you and get you back on the road again, safely.


Your automobile has axles within the front and back that connect the two wheels on each end. One or each axle can break from mishaps on the road, together with minor accidents. If you notice a vibration when accelerating, a damaged or bent shaft may be the perpetrator. The shaft and CV joints may also become broken and cause shaking.


Car shaking may also be caused by tires not appropriately aligned, not tightened enough, or inflated to the proper PSI. This is an easy fix for our professional mechanics. Contact us to set up an appointment now.