Engine Air Filter Replacement Service

Engine Air Filter Service

Why You Should Replace Your Engine Air Filter

An engine air filter is a vital car component made of polyester, paper, or absorbent material. It is placed on the engine strategically to sieve air passing through the inlet port for combustion. Essentially, an engine air filter captures foreign debris, such as micro dust particles.. Below are some benefits of replacing the engine air filter.

Improve Fuel Efficiency – Clean air filters enhance airflow to the engine. As a result, the car burns less fuel because it does not have to work hard. You will notice a significantly improved fuel efficiency and fuel mileage when using clean new air filters.

Boost Overall Car Performance – Clean air filters enhance airflow into the engine, thus boosting the general performance of the car engine. A clean engine works less hard when burning fuel. Additionally, a clean air filter prolongs engine life by preventing damage to engine components. Changing of a clogged air filter improves acceleration and overall drivability.

Reduces Emission – A clean air filter will help reduce emissions and prevent environmental pollution. On the other hand, a dirty or clogged air filter will affect the emission control part of the car and cause a weak fuel/air mixture. Clogged filters choke the engine and increase engine deposits. Besides emissions, you will also notice plug ignition problems and engine miss. Your vehicle might even illuminate service engine light.

How Often Should You Replace Engine Air Filter?

Generally, it is recommendable you change the engine air filters after every 30,000 miles. However, the frequency depends on the driving conditions and how often you drive. People who drive more often have to change the air filter every three years. The part is more susceptible to tear. It will allow sand and other debris to pass if it fails to serve its purpose. Remember to change the air filter after three years regardless of how often you drive the car.

How Do You Know Your Car Air Filter Requires Replacement?

The engine requires proper airflow to function optimally. A dirty or clogged air filter will limit the airflow. Symptoms of problematic air filters are noticeable weak fuel economy and ignition problems. That is because the defective filter prevents proper air mixtures. You might also notice a gasoline smell when starting your car. Do a visual inspection to know whether it is time to replace the filter. A dirty filter looks dirty and gray or black.

Certified Automotive Technicians

If your engine air filter requires a replacement, let professionals help you. Our certified automotive professionals will examine the car and advise you accordingly. Besides expert filter replacement services, we will diagnose the vehicle for emission problems that may arise after replacing the filter. The best part is that we use quality OEM components instead of aftermarket parts. You can rest assured of quality components and a great warranty.

Air filters remove foreign materials hence allowing effective combustion to take place. It is, therefore, essential that you replace any dirty air filters for an optimum driving experience.

Only Quality OEM Automotive Parts

Lexus Engine Air Filter Service

Our service professionals at Kenny Kent Lexus want to ensure that your vehicle receives the highest quality parts available. That’s why we only use and recommend original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for replacements or any other automotive repair. OEM parts offer better quality and can outlast aftermarket parts, which are often of lower quality material. By replacing your automotive parts with OEM parts, you get a part produced precisely to fit your specific car and get the value of your money.

When you need an engine air filter replacement, bring your car to Kenny Kent Lexus service center for quick and reliable service! Contact us today by giving us a call or visiting us online to schedule an appointment through our online form.