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There is something primal about driving the 2019 Lexus ES 300 hybrid. You want everyone to see you driving it. You want to park it in your driveway – not the garage – so that all the neighbors know you own it. Combining the best parts of several worlds, the Lexus ES hybrid offers fabulous mileage, trim packages to die for, extra space and a design that makes you just want to own it. The new 2019 Lexus ES is longer, lower and wider than previous versions.

Lexus released information on the 2019 ES 300h stating it can reach 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds. Current ES models take 7.1 seconds. As for top speeds, well, no one really knows as the top speed electrically reined in is 131 mph. Imagine cruising Route 69 in your 2019 Lexus ES.

The 2019 Lexus ES hybrid has a 2.5 liter, four-cylinder engine paired with a 215 hp electric motor. A smaller, nickel metal hydride battery mounts beneath the backseat so you have plenty of trunk space. The hybrid is expected to get around 44 mpg city/highway driving combined.
Fast-burn combustion technology is thermally efficient. You get increased power without burning more fuel or increasing emission. A variable cooling system helps manage the engine’s combustion and the heat generated.

Already equipped with a standard sophisticated safety system able to detect pedestrians and oncoming vehicles, a new feature allows the pre-collision design to detect a bicyclist. This addresses an often-overlooked danger to drivers and cyclists alike.
Further enhancements allowed designers to tweak the radar’s range and precision. This adds an additional safety layer by detecting pedestrians at night using a sensitive probe. After all, you cannot place a price on peace of mind.

The 2019 ES 300h introduces Apple Carplay™ to interact with your iPhone using the dashboard display screen or control it using Siri Eyes Free® voice control. You can already use regular language to command Amazon Alexa® to prepare home-to-car and car-to-home controls before you leave your home. Non-navigation enabled ES models use an eight-inch display with a remote touch interface trackpad to find directions. Optional navigation system-enabled models have a 12.3-inch display on the dashboard. The nav system receives real-time over-the-air improved routing updates as well as the latest points of interest. This is in addition to the onboard data set already in place. Onboard Wi-Fi powered by Verizon comes standard on all ES models.

Two and a half inches longer, just a tad lower and over one and a half inches wider than previous ES models, the 2019 model adds two inches to its wheelbase, gives wider tracks in the front and rear, which results in wheels pushed to the outer corners. This contributes to its appearance as long, low and lean. A new, distinctive silhouette shows the downward slant of the low hood leading to vertical bars radiating from the center outward on the 300h. Its aerodynamic reflection comes from using the fast roofline with a lower stance. A chiseled back draws the eye to quarter panels wrapped with LED taillamps.

With the release of the seventh-generation Lexus ES, Lexus decided it was time this understated, elegant vehicle turned heads. The spotlight shines on the ES hybrid and it reveals a flawless look, design and feel. If you have never looked at a Lexus ES before, then Lexus designed this one intending you find it a Lexus you cannot overlook.

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