Why is Lexus Preferred by Millennials?

June 30th, 2019 by

Millennials in today’s world are accustomed to a way of life which supports unprecedented technology, seamlessly integrated communications, incredible comfort, speed, and agility. Simply put, they expect the very best that luxury has to offer because of how competitive and open the world that they live in has become. Because their world is in some ways so much more connected than other generations, being cool and having the right look is no longer a nicety but in fact a necessity of fitting in. Having a car which matches their lifestyle and mindset is of the utmost importance to them, and so for these reasons (and many more) millennials turn to Lexus for their luxury automotive needs.

Lexus has been consistently chosen over other luxury brands because of the safety and reliability on which the Toyota Motor Corporation has been built for decades. Toyota is a brand which many American families have naturally gravitated toward, and so for millennials, Lexus is the most natural and comfortable vehicle for their needs. Other millennials instinctively gravitate toward the pristine comfort, versatility, and attention to detail which Lexus provides to all of its vehicles. Lexus has always maintained a consistent track record of manufacturing cool, high performance and long-lasting vehicles thanks to the continued decision to combine premium leather with premium audio, dedicated styling and increased performance above what other manufacturing brands offer. Millennials also love Lexus’ Bluetooth connectivity to their smartphones, the huge 12.3″ multimedia displays which come in all new models, the Amazon Alexa integration, Apple CarPlay integration, remote engine starting from their smartwatches, wireless Qi charging ports and more. These all account for a large portion of Millennials’ preference toward Lexus, and their extreme safety is what accounts for a large portion of Millennials’ preference toward Lexus. It’s a trusted brand which always exudes luxury and always has the comforts of home at the same time.

As a matter of fact, Lexus was recently rated the Most Trusted Luxury Brand by Kelly Blue Book. Millennials have likely picked up this when they noticed Lexus’ VIP treatment given at all local dealerships: amenities such as luxury waiting areas with ample WiFi, complimentary putting greens, complimentary spa services, complimentary car washes, and complimentary shuttle services during maintenance.

If you or your millennial would like to learn more about what makes the Lexus family so loved, then we warmly invite you to view our inventory on our website, to contact us with any questions you may have and to visit our dealership to schedule your personalized test drive today.

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