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Recently, Lexus introduced its first full-electric vehicle that the company plans to integrate into its lineup. It’s a high-performance luxury crossover. The full electric SUV represents an entirely new genre for Lexus and the overall automotive industry. The Lexus limited LF-1 concept was officially made public at the North American International Auto Show in January.

Lexus describes the LF-1 as “limitless.” It could be the most appropriate word to use. As a premier luxury automaker, this is a vehicle that Lexus was meant to build. It’s been over a decade since Lexus transformed the auto industry with making the world’s first luxury vehicle that combined a powerful gasoline engine and a powerful self-charging electric motor – the RX 400h. The Lexus LF-1 is another step in the right direction for the company being an innovative and groundbreaking automaker. The power of the LF-1 can be propelled by fuel-cell, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, gasoline, or all electric. It will also have an autonomous driving mode available, for providing the experience that adds to the limitless concept.

The LF-1 concept was inspired by Molten Katana, which in Japanese represents a “sword.” The SUV’s design was made to reflect a movement of liquid-metal and align with a “samurai sword” limitless effect. The intent is for the LF-1 to appear as if it is continually moving from any angle. The distinctive appearance has a subtle muscular look that has the traditional high-lift of a crossover while maintaining a low-center gravity that is capped off with the signature Lexus grille, which gives the illusion of a 360-degree movement. The dimensions of the LF-1 are 197.4 inches in length, the width is 78.2 inches, the height is 63.2 inches, and the wheelbase is 117.1 inches. The rear spoiler adds to the adventurous and bold look for the LF-1 and gives it a more edgy appearance than other Lexus vehicles.

Once you’re inside the LF-1, the SUV has a wing that splits down the middle of the glass roof to provide a clear view of the sky from front to back. The interior was crafted with high-quality materials to ensure a luxurious look and feel, which is always an expectation that Lexus delivers better than any other automaker. Another high quality for the SUV is the lighting, which transpires the coating materials in a unique way that adds to the climate-comfort for all passengers. Lexus also included dynamic LED brightness with the push-start button.

The adaptive air suspension links with the LF-1’s integrated dynamics management system, the navigation system, web-based data and environment data, to evaluate the roads, terrain and weather conditions, which is all used to adjust road-height for improved handling capability automatically. Additionally, the system will adapt to the driver’s pace and computerized-recorded driving style. Lexus moved away from using standard side mirrors and replaced them with small cameras that can display multiple high-definition images. When shown in a wide-angle view, the illustrations provide excellent detail for blind spot monitoring.

The forward-thinking approach by Lexus has created exceptionally advanced technology that has merged with extreme style and luxury beyond anything the company has ever produced. The customer’s driving experience compels the focus of Lexus. By 2025, Lexus plans to have a dedicated electric powered or electric option for all of its manufactured vehicles worldwide.

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